Importance of Animation Pre-production for Successful Projectst

A Perfect Picture of VFX and CGI!

Confused? Usually, people use both terms as synonyms for each other. But CGI and VFX are distinct as well as work separately. Bringing to the Animation studios, VFX and CGI play vital roles in every project having their own identities and functioning. VFX stands for Visual effects, whereas CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery. Knowing their full forms may have given you a vision of how they work.

Let us roll on the carpet to discuss VFX and CGI with their brief roles in studios -

A teaser of CGI - Short Prologue

CGI - Computer Generated Imagery is useful for producing images, animations, videos, and other digital characters/avatars. For adding the profile, heroic characters, 3D graphics, and many more - CGI is considered highly manageable and standardized in terms of quality, security, techniques, etc.

Creating visual art images, modeling, architectural designs, video arts, special effects, and characters, including augmented reality and virtual reality applications revolving around CGI. For instance, to understand CGI in a better way - the avatars in the Jurassic World movie are drafted extensively using CGI.

The small screen to VFX - Shedding some rays!

VFX stands for Visual Effects, which is useful for producing the shots and images prepared with CGI to enroll in the live actions and scenes. It is entirely the manipulation or production of on-screen shots with the effects in the background that does not exist physically in reality.

In simple words, VFX enables the makers' team to produce the environment, creatures, objects, and even crowd/people who are not existing in reality on-set in the live shot or context of the scene. For instance, you might have seen the tiger or other animals fighting with the lead actor in the movie. Is it real? No, it's not the reality.

VFX is the magic brush working here.

CGI and VFX - How do they work?

As we know how animation studios work in a pipeline from planning stories to creative characters/models, VFX and CGI go hand in hand. After finalizing characters, architectural designs, scenes images, etc., with CGI, the addition of effects and visuals comes up with VFX. All these are managed in a log sheet where sometimes efforts get wasted with the skipping or missing out of any scene/shot/edits.

Therefore, this is where VANI Software turns on the screen giving a helping/supportive hand to the makers' team in all aspects. From the planning and bidding to the execution and finalization, Vani Software brings ease to the team by storing all the data and managing it precisely. Launching the new member of the animation studio team, Vani works as a responsible factor seeing all the operations and activities going on for the project.

What's on the hit list now?

Experiencing CGI and VFX task management in a sequence concerning shots, Vani comes at the correct time with the right services and tools for the team. We can scroll and store our entire project phases in Vani and be stress-free to miss it!

Being the perk of the project: Add Vani as your member and let it give a handshake to the project efficiently.

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