The Beginning

Vani was born out of frustrations of an MIS Analyst, trying to enhance the production process. Quite contrary to what people might think, Digital / VFX studios don’t have many digital solutions to track various aspects of the production work they do.

A lot of these agencies make use of MS Excel to carry out these tasks and it is quite time consuming to create and maintain Excel sheets. Big studios typically have hundreds of artists working on variety of artifacts such as shots and assets.

There is a big requirement for studios to keep track of their projects, series, episodes, sequences, tasks, etc. The end product of these studios could be a movie or TV series or an online series (on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, etc.).


What we do

While other solutions are quite complex and costly, Vani is very easy to use and cost efficient. It can be learned in a day and don’t need any additional resources to manage it.

It can fit any size of studio and it is flexible to work with any pipeline. Also available in offline version to keep data within the premises.

Our Vision

  • High level planning & budgeting

  • Employee management

  • Task Management

  • Production tracking which will be aligned with business

  • Cost effective project deliveries

  • Analytics simplified

  • Highlight inefficient areas

  • Red alert in advance to highlight possible failure

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