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Production Tracking in VFX/CGI Project

Everyone is aware of the numerous minor or major tasks indulging in the VFX project. Moreover, many studio face lots of issues in keeping a flow and track functioning appropriately on a daily basis. It is what sometimes comes out as a mess in the form of stress, load, and confusion.

There are multiple ongoing things in various VFX/CGI projects, from miscellaneous elements to different departments. So what if there would be a system that makes it possible to handle the whole shooting engagements and chores from one place itself? Over and above that, every project, every element, every task, etc., would be in-line and on time with proper detailing. Doesn't it sound excellent? What about if such a system exists?

And so here goes the opening slide introducing Vani production software rolling on the screen to maneuver all processes happening in VFX/CGI projects effectively and smoothly. From the start of the project to its bidding, planning, scheduling, reporting, task managing, performance assessment, and even monitoring, Vani software is an all-in-one software supporting every possible aspect.

Let us dive into all of the aspects Vani brings to us and make work easier for the VFX/CGI Project management activities -

Project Bidding

The most important and mandatory task in the vast industry of VFX/CGI/CG is project bidding. VFX projects need all detailing in the bidding document, such as assumptions, asset count, project duration, shots count, EFX %, render storage assumptions, and artist quota. Besides, it also includes accomplishment days of the task and staffing to quickly get the exact bid of the entire project without missing any entry.

Henceforth, Vani makes it possible as well as easy for the team to create the bid and evaluate the budget in simple steps within no minutes. Every phase of the project can be viewed and tracked effortlessly by accessing the tasks with the needed stuff in the pipeline.

Task Scheduling and Management

Grasping the handgrip on the tasks, eye on the scheduling of various activities/events and managing it with accuracy is what the project wants in reality. Discussing on behalf of a VFX project, scheduling and managing different tasks is the continuous activity that runs throughout without a pause. Thus, reminding every small event/task is not possible manually and that’s where Vani software adds the cherry on the cake.

Vani production tracking software helps VFX to keep the third eye on scheduling tasks, adding, allotting, managing and completing it accurately and reliably within deadlines.

Tracking and Analyzing

Updating and assessing the status alongside helps to prevent the arising of bigger issues. Besides, it helps to stay up-to-date with all the activities proceeding among different projects. In the aspect of VFX/CGI projects, aligning on to the hundreds of tasks and keeping the notes of status is sometimes pretty next to impossible manually as separate departments are working on distinct operations.

Coming to the employees reporting, recording the information such as their personal details, availability, work headed/allotted to them, leaves arrangement priorly, their deadlines, and performance at one space seems fine but challenging to find easily from the manual logbook or excel spreadsheet.

However, with Vani production software, meeting deadlines for all the activities with updating its status and storing data of employees as well as the information needed can be done effortlessly. Vani software hits the tagline efficiently to manage, track and analyze ongoing functions precisely.

Monitoring and Reporting

Catching up with the insights and metrics of all the current projects, new leads, and previously completed ones can be a stressful experience as it needs lots of files, documents, and papers to be checked. But what if it can be monitored at one sight and download the status or to-do events reports quickly without going through any of the files?

Amazing and perfect, right?

These two terms can be equivalent words for Vani production tracking software. It is because Vani has the feature where you can monitor metrics and progress data insights simultaneously. Apart, you can even download or check the reports of project status/to-dos/schedules/elements/visuals/shoots, and so on within seconds in a single tap.

Sketching It

As VFX/CGI projects need hand-to-hand updates to plan accordingly, a potent production software works competently for tracking things correctly and getting the best outcomes. Hence, these controllable aspects make Vani - the shining head star in managing VFX/CGI projects.

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