Importance of Animation Pre-production for Successful Projectst

Do’s and don’ts while taking a VFX Project!

Picking a VFX project and organizing it in frames is quite a stretching procedure where studios need to analyze many things before the finalization of the project. From the bidding to the execution, production studios need planning and preparation - but also they need to look over the available resources with them to avoid confusion and delays.

Starting from the bidding, the entire scenes, shots, and resources need evaluation at the beginning phase to prevent commitments of non-available stuff. Without estimation, the whole project may get a significant PAUSE, and clients may feel frustrated due to no delivery at the said time.

Let’s peep into some of the Do’s and Don’ts to take care of while taking on any of the VFX projects -


The crucial and most concerned stage needs to focus on while taking a VFX project. It does not remain till the cost - it entails numerous factors such as available resources, rendering capacities, workload, current projects going on, etc.

You know that an animation project begins with a bid that needs a thorough inspection of various aspects required for the client’s requirement. You can imply a bid from assets to the rendering capacity assumptions with the artists. However, yes, it is not always possible for the go-to person to person for checking the availability of enormous ongoing things and activities.

Why not try VANI production software? Wouldn’t getting every step on the tips of your fingers to be easy for you? It will be for sure when you have to enter things like assets needed for the project; artists count with roles required, etc., on the system. That’s all - the latter part will be accurately and efficiently handled by Vani software by checking the resources available from the current projects, the current availability of artists, storage status, and so on within no minutes.

What’s more?

The advanced bidding module integrated into Vani software is the core feature that may alert you to the risk factors also, along with other updates and status. Bringing such software into existence in your studio will be an overwhelming asset for the project, you, the client, and the entire team.

Because bidding begins at the initial phase and ends after the end of the project does not mean there are no more vast processes to do. Comprehensive series of activities and things are in the line during any animation project.


Once bidding is done accurately, the scheduling section comes along in the pipeline. Every scene and shot from drawing to the final characterization needs to be finalized within the time frames. All activities needs to be list out and assign the deadlines for the same.

It is where Vani will make your work easier and sorted. You can add the list of activities or tasks to do with its timelines. Its reminder, its status pending or done, and next to do tasks - Vani will be your right hand partner remembering all details at one place rather than typing or writing manually in different logbooks.


Moving step by step is the way to deal with the project phases, which is what animation studios do. They plan every drawing, object, character, angle, etc., precisely to get along the pipeline efficiently. Thus, this may be a tedious task to do using too many excel sheets and logbooks.

Hence, Vani brings great help here. You can plan project phases here by checking their updates and progress anytime.


The final step is execution. Executing and arranging all scenes and shots in a row while creating the clip or the movie needs to be done in a sequence to avoid confusion. And there might create a mess due to so much storage rendering manually.

Once trying Vani, it will make you the habit of using it because it gives a warm helping hand to conveniently manage the entire stages of the project..

Ready to manage accurately and quickly?

Yes, Vani software will be the perfect partner for you to get an eye on the phases and activities currently accessible for the particular project. Vani is not limited to one project; you can handle multiple projects and its thousands of tasks effectively without any errors. Let’s join Vani with your studio and rock the animation era together!

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