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Why Production Tracking Software Will Be In Demand In Coming Years?

Software plays a major role in every industry. Half of the workload is completed with the help of software. The world is moving to the generation where manual work is decreasing and automated work is on the rise. This has opened opportunities to the studios to increase the studio revenue and minimize the production cost.

With the help of tracking software, the studio saves money in the following areas:

  • Production management resources salary.

  • MIS/data analyst salary.

  • Manual tracking of vendor tasks (outsource department salary can be minimized).

  • Tracking software will increase production efficiency.

  • Well developed software will save software development cost.

  • Real-time fixed issues will reduce retake % and unnecessary efforts can be saved.

  • Inefficient resources can be removed from the system to save the cost.

Out of many software that is developed recently, there is one such creative and most liked software which is the production tracking software. This software is a boon for many CG and VFX Studios that were eagerly waiting.

Till now, many project management software has been launched but the one that is on the rise in coming years is Vani Production Tracking Software. Vani has been developed by an expert and veteran in the production industry who has been working for 10+ years.

With the huge investment and a perfect developing team, Vani is soon going to break records for the Best Project Management and Production Tracking Software. They are moving towards artificial intelligence (AI) in studio management & planning

What is a Production Tracking and Management Software?

A production tracking and management software is utilized to coordinate the tasks that are happening within a studio or during production. The software is used mainly for assigning work to artists, reviewing the tasks, tracking the task history, mis reports, tracking retakes, etc.

The capacity of this software to handle the work process is seamless and therefore it will boost the demand in the world. Often called the Task Management Software by many, it is majorly used in the condition wherein there are many setups, locations, artists, crew, tasks, etc to manage all at one platform. Studios are growing their interest in new software that will help them to reduce their cost and time.

Think for a second where effective, multi-million dollar studios like DreamWorks Animation, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Sony Pictures Animation would be without Studio Planning and Production. Things may have been on the other side if there was no production tracking software. Likely not even close to the market positions they at present involved. Nowadays, many small and medium-sized studios are also taking a step forward to use this software.

Due to these things, there will surely be an increase in demand for production tracking software. Let’s dig into detail at why there is so much demand in the market for Production Tracking and Project Management Software.

“Production Management Software Market to Rise at 13.3% CAGR till 2026 Driven by the Huge Investments in Product R&D”.
-says Fortune Business Insights™.

Why is there a demand in the market?

1. Less Workload on the Managers

  • Studio managers have the highest responsibility to manage all tasks and deliver the project on time. They are the go-to persons for any work related to Pre-production, Production Tracking, Project Reporting and many more. Due to all these, there are high chances of errors happening in task management, assigning shots, crew handling. This will surely affect the entire production and eventually the studio cashflow.

  • Considering these factors, Animation and VFX Studios are slowly moving towards using production tracking software. These software are very advanced and are very well versed in the production industry. It has many features that actually do wonders and reduce the workload of the managers.

2. Studios Aiming for Growth

  • There is a huge competition in every industry to be a leader. To get more projects, studios have to submit the lowest bid and achieve the lowest production cost, tasks needed to complete very efficiently.

  • Production studios are also the one who wants to be the best to grab the next big film. For this, studios always aim to equip with the best software in the industry. Aiming for growth is a good sign and every other studio has to do it.

  • You can see there are a lot of articles from industry leaders saying every year they give new software or automation or any technological solution to their artists to increase the efficiency and small studios need to learn from them.

  • While the small, as well as big animation studios, are looking for their growth and betterment there is a constant demand for the best software. Vani being the recent trendsetter as the best production tracking software, many studios have opted for it. It is affordable to small studios with an add-on feature of the Offline Version of the software.

3. Saves Time and Money

  • PM software helps in reducing a lot of time which can be utilized to handle other projects. Less manual work is needed when it comes to handling a studio with the help of tracking software. Software is very Advanced and equipped with all the necessary features which are required by the animation studios.

  • The pricing of Vani software is very Affordable and starts at just $6 Per User. This software is very well built keeping all the pain points of the studios in mind. It is also offering a FREE Trial to get hands-on with it.

4. Latest On-demand Features

  • Every project planning software must meet the demands of its users. Keeping software up to date is the need of an hour. The tracking softwares in the industry are constantly updating their features to provide the best possible user experience. In the case of Vani, it has features like Project Bidding, production tracking, task management, Project Reporting, using an offline version, Capacity Planning, Auditing, etc.

  • While every other software is on the rise, Vani is not less than others. It has Upcoming Features that are beyond the demanded features. Some of them are:

    • Studio staffing

    • Sleeping inventory report

    • Gantt chart for high-level planning

    • Get business on Vani

    • Outsourcing & freelancing work in one click

5. All-in-one Software, No Extra Tools Needed

  • One of the major reasons for the high demand of production tracking software is its All-in-one Feature. Studios don’t have to think about the other tools that will require during the work. Due to this, the cost is reduced and also the employees don’t have to learn each and every tool.

  • When Vani software is set up in the studio, no technical person is needed to operate the software. It is so easy that anyone can go through the Training Module and can handle advanced tasks.

  • Every studio owner should set up Vani as their first priority software when it comes to production tracking. It is well developed that even the hardest of the tasks are done with ease without referring to the internet.

Future trends of project management

  • Expanding artificial intelligence and automation in the software.

  • The increasing value of emotional intelligence in the machine process.

  • Growing importance of human-centered design.

  • More automated softwares with advanced features.

  • The software will handle complex projects at a time


Thus, Production Tracking and Project Management Software is the next big thing that will reduce manpower costs. It is currently in high demand because of its necessities and usages. Studios are eager to try the new features which will benefit their work.

Vani caters to most of the studios to solve their everyday problem in handling different projects and tasks. Thus, Vani Software is the next big software that will soon be in trend.

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