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Animations 101: Everything You Need To Know About Animation Studio Pipeline!

In the demanding world of animation and 3D graphics, we have come across various excellent films that make us explore a different universe every time. However, when talking about animated movies, we usually skip the efforts and time invested in them. Creating a short or big animation movie is not as easy as it seems. There are enormous things to entail, from story to finalizing the animated scenes.

Animation studios go through a long process to complete one phase of the project and have a long path to travel to accomplish the movie. Hence, it becomes hectic and messy when everything is managed manually or over excel sheets.

Suppose there is a system that helps to proceed with every phase of the pipeline efficiently, keeping all records and monitoring appropriately - wouldn’t it be helpful and valuable? But wait, is there an existence of such? If yes, does it help in each stage of the animation studio pipeline?

And here presenting Vani production software that rolls and molds according to the animation studio pipeline. For sorting all the doubts and queries, let us see where and how the Animation studio procedure in the pipeline works in Vani -


The foremost step is to visualize a story where hundreds of people are involved in it to create thousands of drawings according to the story-script. Besides, they also need to ensure that every scene and drawing visuals must be in a sequence without repeatedly doing the same drawing by another person on the team.

To stay out of all such issues, Vani software helps you allot the task to individuals or in a team dividing the script scenes respectively. Also, it provides the space to save or upload the prepared drawings in a sequence with the updated status for the same. With this, everyone involved in a project can check out the status and get it on the tips of the fingers regarding things done or left yet. Team leads may check out the allotted task to someone, their status, how much work has been done, etc anytime and from anywhere.


After all the visuals are done at the storyboard part, all together are sent to the editorial team, who goes through every drawing envisioning the entire scene and establishing the continuous moments horizontally as per the plan. Therefore, anywhere changes are needed are edited and finalized by the editorial team.

And guess what - Vani production tracking software offers you the space where the editorial team can check and make changes wherever they require. Apart, everything will be up-to-date to confirm the stage the project reached. Yes, it will ensure the path already followed and what’s pending or upcoming in an animation pipeline.


Next is the stage where every visual, character, props, etc are prepared creatively to get it to come out of the box in the perfect big picture. Every drawing of the scene is given the essence of art to make it more presentable to the audience.

Here, Vani helps the team working under this stage keep track of the scenes to be made with the detailed reports to be prepared for getting it done.


The interesting, exciting, and most focusing task in the animation studio pipeline is THIS. In a film, actors play the most important role, and thus for the animated movie - there are visualized characters that act as the heroes of the art.

Hence modeling needs to be done for the designed characters in all 3D angle aspects, making them go perfect and read GET SET GO. Again to keep the record of the finalized models in the movie, why not use Vani to make the task and work easier for you as it will remove your stress to always remember what’s done, what’s left, or what changes are required, etc.


Modeling heads to another testing set for the characters, where characters are scanned entirely and thoroughly. Their joints, body parts, skin cells, facial expressions, skin fats, etc., are working effectively, and going correctly is the stuff checked out here at this point.

Does Vani work for this tracking too? What do you think? Yes, Vani is all in all made for the VFX production sector to eliminate their stress, issues, and creation of mess - whatsoever they are right now facing going manually. You can manage every character to be scanned with every part individually and keep a report there. Sounds great, right? It’s more in the bucket yet.

Rough Layout

Now, this is another phase of the pipeline after the pre-production stage ends with rigging. The rough layout is created here on a computer with a 3D perspective to give it almost a touch to the scenes. The moments of the characters are shooted with in-persons and give them the visual of the character. Here the shafting of the characters in the set is finalized.

Vani again does not fail to disappoint the team because it saves your updates regarding layouts prepared/pending.

Final Layout And Animation

Now, created scenes need the flavor of art attraction with the colorful background, streets, buildings, and so on. This is the part of the pipeline where the animation is created with all the angles right, left, top, and bottom to finalize the composition. Making everything live to the animation with all controls is the process followed right away.

Crowds/Character Effects/Other Effects

The work goes on the crowd sections in the role of supporting actors of a movie. Besides, the effect on character and background is supervised and composed at this moment. The matte painting and changes are added wherever needed to make it more representable/attractive for the movie-watchers.

What’s Next?

Henceforth, Vani production tracking software is customized and built for the VFX and Animation industry, keeping all their tasks and activities in mind. Making the work easy and saved for long years, there is now no need for old dusty logbooks records. Say goodbye to them and welcome Vani Software as a teammate to let it remember every project with its timeline, activities, operations, scenes, team members involved, etc.

For the VFX and CGI industry, you can call VANI SOFTWARE - their best friend indeed for sure!

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