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Keep Your Creative Team in One Platform with Vani!

Vani, a VFX and animation project management software, addresses the longstanding struggles of the creative team in the industry. With limited technology in the past, filmmakers faced enormous challenges in projecting their imaginations on screen. Accustoming all the crew members and keeping a track of their workflows was a herculean task, considering the lack of advanced tools for collaboration and coordination. The inadequacy of efficient tracking systems often led to scattered time management, making it difficult for the team to work cohesively and meet deadlines.

Surprisingly, even today, these problems persist, affecting the quality of film projects. With a lot of do-overs, studios require efficient production tracking software like Vani to assist them. By keeping all team members on a single platform, Vani simplifies the complex process of handling animation and VFX projects. As technology advances, Vani stands out as an indispensable tool for streamlining the creative team's workflows and ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality projects.

Today, let’s see what are the features and modules of Vani that help to keep the creative teams of VFX studios on one single platform. The platform is none other than Vani itself!

Intuitive Dashboard

Ever struggled to derive insights from the data that you possess? It’s even more difficult when you are part of the VFX and animation studio team. Apart from Terabytes of film footage, the data here usually involves monitoring workflow for the entire studio. You would need something that would make your workflow better and not the opposite. So, during these times you need an intuitive lookout from which you can track and monitor every minute detail of what’s going on in your studio. And Vani has just that! It contains an intuitive dashboard integrated into the software that allows users to gain instant insights into what is currently happening and what steps could be taken next.

Team Management

Ever have trouble recollecting and thus monitoring your team members’ overall profile? Then you can use the ‘Team Management’ module to get a glimpse of your team members’ details. This module inside the Vani Software works as a sub-dashboard of the profiles of various team members. It shows the basic information of the member along with the efficiency with which the member is working on his/her project/task. It also displays how many active projects are in his/her bucket at the moment. Pretty useful, isn’t it?

Crew Planning

This module does exactly what it says it does: planning of the crew. Well, of course, the software will not plan your crew, but it can act as a tremendous aid to keep you away from the hassle of maintaining a huge list of task assignments and knowing whether or not your crew is available for the said task. It includes the ability to track the availability, and occupancy of the team member. Apart from that, you can know which department the member is currently working in and whether or not he/she is on leave.

Vendor Management & Outsourcing

Outsourcing comes in extremely handy when you do not have in-house talent at your disposal. Sometimes, it can be cost-efficient and effective. With software that has exceptional capabilities to monitor each and every move of the team members will obviously have a vendor management module. This helps in keeping track of all the tasks and projects that are outsourced. The vendors can also monitor and keep a track of the activities assigned to them.

Artist Performance

It’s not hard to guess how important it is to keep the team members on their toes while conducting a film project. The creative director of the team will want to know how efficiently the artists under him are working. This is where the ‘Artist Performance’ module comes in. It highlights the significance of the efficiency with which the artists are performing their tasks. For e.g. it will show 200% efficiency under an artist who has performed a task in 2 days which was supposed to be completed within 4 days.

Real-Time Reporting

Filmmakers often go through the struggle of not being able to keep track of their production lifecycles. This module helps in doing so. It displays the real-time production cycle and breaks it down into time frames, i.e., every aspect of production and filmmaking like character building, prop building, and set building are divided into timeframes indicating which task was performed when and in what duration. And all of this happens in real-time, which is really helpful.

Video Annotation

If you’re someone who likes to take a lot of notes but doesn’t have a notebook or an iPad in your hands? Even if you did, it would be a hassle when you want to take notes with respect to a video in your possession. No worries, the video annotation feature is here for the rescue. It helps you mark all the important moments in the video and allows you to add notes to the specific timestamp. So, whenever you want to refer to some part of the video, all you have to do is click on the note and it will take you to the exact moment where you added the note. This feature comes in handy, especially when you’re dealing with long videos.

Custom Storage Solutions

Wish to upload your favourite files and link them to Vani Software? Well, you don’t have to do that manually, since the custom storage integration takes care of that. Vani has storage solutions which include Google Drive, AWS S3 Bucket and One Drive integrated into it so that you can upload your favourite media files of any size in one go without having to go through tedious processes of linking your Vani account with external storage. Isn’t that cool?

Overall, Vani has everything you need to streamline your production pipeline efficiently. It is the best way to keep your entire creative team on one single platform as opposed to keeping them on multiple physical as well as virtual platforms. This in turn will make the lives of each and every crew member easier. Make Vani your priority whenever in distress with respect to streamlining the workflow of your creative team, you won’t regret it!

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