Importance of Animation Pre-production for Successful Projectst

A highly accepted Debut – Animation streaming video on demand!

During the pandemic, when everyone was locked indoors, people started surfing a new medium of entertainment. With their search, new OTT platforms launched for people gained huge fame for the perfect content for their audience. Using OTT made people addicted to it, through which demands for animated content and streaming videos took a good hike, influencing the animation industry positively.

What is Animation and What is the reason behind its rising demands?

Animation is the blend of real-life actors and visual scenes to create visualization shots for various stories filled with amazing ideas and emotions. A storyline delivers excellent aligned visual effects that captivate its audience and attach them to it. It is a popular entertainment mode to connect people across the world with live-action and anime characters. Besides, Animation has become the mode to visualize the need of society with the desired awareness. Numerous anime series and shows are getting high TRPs, such as death note, Sailor moon, etc.

On the one hand, animation content is evolving with new additions into it and increasing its demand, whereas on the other hand - OTT has introduced a new entry gate for animated content. Reminding the demand for animated content, streaming services for the same have been made LIVE to publish value-driven videos. Henceforth, the animation industry is also leveraging advanced technologies to create quality content at affordable rates. Besides, the latest modifications in VFX and CGI tech have become a booster for the animation industry in an enormous manner.

Animation Streaming VOD (Video On Demand) - The Golden age of animated content NOW!

The alignment of animation with streaming videos on online platforms is highly in demand in this high-tech era. Entering the new golden phase of television for animation is making people lean towards the OTT platforms to get the new quality content. The streaming studios are casting their streamlining videos widely for Video on demand animation that keeps the audience keen and interested.

As kids, everyone has watched the animated content on Saturday morning on Disney. Now the only thing that is changing here is no longer waiting for Saturday because you can now watch it online. This made the VFX studio team get multiple and good opportunities with additional efforts to maintain their project's continuous unique content flow simultaneously.

How are studios and broadcasters meeting our need for new content?

To prepare one second of animation, there are thousands of drawings and images required to be prepared. From the drawing to the finalization, there are many tasks that are followed up for every project with timelines. And that’s where the team sometimes messed up their management of activities, be it a story character drawing, action shots, scene preparation, etc. Too many drawings, too many shots, too much editing, too many characters - they need a team of people at every stage with different tasks.

And here, Vani Software comes into the picture to make their work easy and manageable, where they can manage and handle all projects easily, from numerous drawings to different scenes and shots. In a step-by-step pipeline, they can save their drawings here, edit and foreplay their scenes, and check on the progress of the project with all timelines and ongoing tasks efficiently. Besides, the team can manage deadlines and tasks together in one place.

If you have any idea for the VFX or animation project, then Vani might come in handy. Contact us, and we can get your imagination to meet the screens.

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