Importance of Animation Pre-production for Successful Projectst

Thinking about Video Game Development? Here’s how you can do it faster!

Millennials have grown up devouring Video games, from Mario, Contra, Circus Charlie, and GTA Vice City to Uncharted, Valorant, PUBG, etc. Speculating whether there is someone directing behind the scenes or on the computer. This inquisitiveness has dragged many geniuses toward Video Game Development. The entire process of creating the game from scratch is called ‘Game Development.’

Today, among the Game Engines, be it Frostbite, Snowdrop, or Unreal, Unity is the most popular emphasizing top-notch graphics whereas GameMaker is convenient for beginners. Softwares such as Paint and Photoshop are used to design 2D models while 3D models are created using Blender, Maya, or Sculptris.

The Director manages several departments such as Writing, Audio, Art, Animation, Design, Production, and QA according to his perception. Contemporary Video Game Development follows the same pipeline as Film making: Pre-production, Production, and Post-production. However, Programming is the essence of Game development. Video games refer to user interaction while Movies articulate a chronicle script.

How Game Development Works?

1. Pre-Production:

  • Brain Storming the Basic Idea.
  • Determining the Lead characters and their role play.
  • Environments to divulge the mystery.
  • Adding story beats if needed.
  • Deciding whether the game style is animatic or real-life.
  • Precision the platform as in Desktop, Mobile, Console, Cloud, or VR.

2. Production:

  • 2D/3D Modeling.
  • High-Resolution Sculpting.
  • Tailoring Clothes.
  • Props Modelling.
  • Animation and Motion Capture.
  • Texturing, Shading, and Rigging effects.
  • Level Assembly.
  • Lighting.

Although the Production department immerses all the aspects of the 3D model along with the Environment development, Coding is the magnitude of player experience. The below-described events should occur while doing pre-decided user interaction.

3. Programming:

  • Scripted Events.
  • Movements between scene
  • AI Conditions
  • Upon entering a specific area
  • Reaching a particular level of health
  • Players pressing specific buttons.

4. Post-Production:

  • Colour Correction
  • Special Effects
  • Audio Effects
  • Optimization in FPS
  • Quality Assurance
  • Age Rating
  • Marketing and Publishing

How to make your Video Game Development faster?

Vigorously Descope:

There could be irrelevant tasks that were scripted in the inception and unused on the completion. They might seize the rest of the employees and departments by costing their time, effort, and investment if not discarded.

Front-Load strenuous tasks:

Onerous chores could take longer, so encountering them at the beginning of the week would be a great idea. Spillover time on weekends as your self-esteem is boosted by overcoming the hurdles for the next tasks.


Your managers could be a gentle reminder of your accountability. A slight incite from your manager can drive your agile progress. Fix reminders in your calendar to be abreast with the project schedule if you are an Indie Developer.

Use Production Tracking Software:

The Game Development production process involves many departments and is complicated to manage. With numerous projects and a huge studio workforce, generating errors and misunderstandings in reporting can cause projects to miss deadlines, which outlays studios and production companies a lot. Leading Production Tracking Software such as VANI can overcome all these by managing all the projects in one place

Practicing these techniques and using Production tracking tools like VANI could help build your Game Development suave and swift. Don't try to overcome everything at once as it's an unrealistic expectation. Keep short goals and accomplish those step by step using production tracking software. Convey your concern related to Game Development to us.

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