Best Project Management and Production Tracking Software in 2020.

A lot of companies struggle with planning their projects. They do not know how to effectively keep track of their progress. By not being able to take care of this problem, they hamper their own business. They do not finish their deliverables within the deadline and suffer from cost issues.

This stands true for CG and VFX Studios as well. Movie studios of all sizes struggle with these problems. Sometimes they even rely on obsolete tools such as Excel to measure how far they have completed a project. This is an ineffective Project Management and it does more harm than good.

In order to solve this problem, one of the best solutions is to equip the studio with Production Tracking Software. These programs solve the inefficiency problems of the studios. They keep track of all the goals achieved and how far a team has made progress in a project schedule.

Not only the studio can get rid of Excel sheets but also use software to do exactly what they need it for. These are also known as Task Management Software since users can now focus on delayed and faulty tasks. They can also check for completed tasks and review them.

What is Production Tracking in A Project?

Production Tracking is a method by which teams can see how well the plan has been executed. It is one of the later steps in any project lifecycle which comes right after Project Planning.

Here, managers check how well the teams are doing their tasks and whether the jobs are up to the quality standards. However, this task cannot be done without proper attention because it may cause bias and errors. Therefore, using Project Management Software is the best method to do any kind of tracking.

What is Vani Software?

Vani is essentially a Project Software that aids movie studios of all types and sizes. The primary aim is to help them keep track of their project progress. It is one of the best alternatives to complex Excel sheets that the industry has used for a while now.

Vani updates all the employees with the recent events in a project. They can update others about their own status too. This is very handy when it comes to executing the Production Planning. Managers can use it to monitor each task and keep track of all the activities in the project from the very beginning.

Benefits of Using Vani Software

Vani software is fairly easy to use for all the employees in a team. It takes the help of various tools that can help managers plan, monitor, and track the whole thing. The service is very different than using messy sheets which can have errors. It also makes room for customization and flexibility in the work plan.

This is very helpful in situations that are not accounted for and need to be added later. Although the catalogue is full of affordable price plans, studios can contact Vani to get a Free Project Management Software Trial to get them started.

Application of Vani

All management employees can use Vani software to keep track of all sorts of data. Some of the most common facilities of the Project Software are as follows:

  • All employee information related to their skills, personal data, professional and work-related can be stored in one place. Therefore, it is a great tool for human resource managers. Any updates or changes regarding the employee can also be made through the software. This includes departmental changes, skill upgrades, or changes in personal information.

  • The software makes use of different tools to plan the whole production process. This planning includes recording the staff involved, designing the schedule and the budget, and reviewing the progress. Managers can make use of these tools to make an efficient plan without any bias or flaws. It also updates the employees with all the tasks they need to do to stick to the base plan.

  • Sometimes studios have to outsource a part of their work to other firms. Vani helps the studio to add the other company into the project chain and keep track of their progress as well. This is very helpful because studios can be sure about how well their jobs are being taken care of.

  • Costing is one of the most important parts of executing a plan. If the teams cannot take care of their costs, then costing affects the quality of the product. Vani software helps to check whether the project budget is being utilized in the right way.

Features of Vani Software

The Vani Task Management Software comes with several features that equip the studios with the necessary abilities to conduct Production Tracking in the best way possible. These features include the following:

  • Project Bidding is a great way to make sure that all your tasks are stacked in one document so that every team member can refer to it. Additionally, software users can export the bid document for offline editing and modification.

  • Vani software truly caters to VFX Studios with this tool. It helps them keep track of the entire schedule and timeline in one place. Managers can use this feature to boost productivity and mention the details of each task.

  • The software helps to get task management to a whole new level. All employees can arrange their files in one place. Each team member can view the tasks and comment on them. Managers can also customize their roles here.

  • Reporting is an essential part of project management. It means employees have to account for their progress through attractive reports. Vani takes care of that by making attractive presentations with a single click.


Project Management Software is the future of planning, scheduling, and executing tasks. It easily removes all the complications that exist in older software and brings all the helpful features to one program.

Vani software is a well-priced and balanced Production Tracking application that all studios need to use. It is available in different price plans based on the number of users. The free trial is a bonus for anybody unsure of the software. Overall, it is a great application, and more people should start using it.

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