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Why Planning And Scheduling Are Essential Elements For CG / VFX Project?

Project planning and scheduling are separate but are two sides of the same coin in CG / VFX Project Management. Every CG / VFX project needs to ascertain specific protocols that are to be satisfied. Besides, each protocol involves numerous elements handled by different teams, artists, or sometimes by outsourced companies. A perfect project planning and scheduling strategy will ensure seamless execution of the project and will ensure multiple tasks are carried out simultaneously.

Project planning in CG / VFX projects is all about choosing and designing effective policies and implementing various methodologies to attain project objectives. Apart from this, it helps streamline numerous projects running in the domain effectively. While project scheduling focuses on the procedures of assigning tasks, allocation of resources, specific budgeting, and completing the project in the given time frame. Managing these objectives manually can be a never-ending headache with too much clutter to handle. And this is where the CG / VFX industry needs a CG / VFX Project Management Software.

Let’s now see how a CG / VFX Scheduler plays a crucial role in CG / VFX projects concerning planning and scheduling.

Why Planning is essential in CG / VFX projects?

In the CG / VFX industry, there is a myriad of tasks and projects running simultaneously at a time. It makes the entire job of handling multiple projects with a stack of elements tedious. And thus, the project manager needs extensive support to handle all the tasks effortlessly. CG / VFX Project Planner will streamline the process by offering underlying benefits.

1. Route Map

The project plan helps draft a road map that gives direction to the project from start to end. It is beneficial in keeping the track of all projects running simultaneously in the domain. Perfect planning software helps keep an eye on each project and routes their map as well.

2. Customer Requirements

A perfect project plan enables the user to record the requirements of the customer in a documented form. It provides guided direction towards the final execution of the project without relying on assumptions that otherwise may lead to errors.

3. Task Autonomy

Planning enables the project manager to assign tasks to different teams and impart a sense of responsibility to them. CG / VFX projects focus on numerous areas and thus involve multiple teams to handle different tasks. And further, urges them to perform better and deliver consistent results.

4. Resource Estimation

Planning helps decide the resources needed for the current CG / VFX project beforehand. Further, it also enables estimating the cost of resources and seeing what resources can be reused in multiple projects saving cost and effort. It gives the precise judgment of the delay if any and helps execute each project on time.

5. Mitigation Plan

The right project plan gives you a way to forecast any risks which might delay the project. And thus the project manager can plan mitigation strategies accordingly. Further, it also helps identify the abilities and skills of the employees to work under pressure.

6. Strength and Short-comings

The project plan also helps analyze and improve or learn from the previous projects and impart decision-making among the team member and artists. It helps focus on the strengths and shortcomings of the team members and aid in better results each time.

Why Scheduling is essential in CG / VFX projects?

When in the CG / VFX industry, CG / VFX Scheduler Software offers extensive support in not only looking after the current project but also numerous projects that run simultaneously in the domain. Each needs to be executed at the scheduled time and this is where this software proves to be beneficial.

1. Lead Time Reduction

It helps keep team members notified about the current projects to be completed on a priority basis and any delays or postponement of the tasks. It thus reduces the lead time.

2. Cost Reduction

It helps monitor the resources and prevent overlapping of tasks. Further, it adds to the effective utilization of resources and returns the consumed resources on time thereby cutting time.

3. Better Productivity

In evaluating logical connectivity, the non-used resources can be assigned to extra tasks and thus enhance the overall productivity of the project.

4. Foresee Issues

A perfect scheduling plan helps foresee issues in advance and evaluate perfect solutions for the same. The issues can be related to overuse or underuse of resources.

5. Goal Setting

The long-term and short-term goal setting becomes simpler and helps execute the project on vaguely designed deadlines and thus help manage cumbersome tasks successfully.

6. Progress Updates and Alerts

Project scheduling help uses how an off-track project has been executed and all the possible ways to bring it in the correct direction.

Summing Up

Project planning and scheduling go hand in hand and are essentials of CG / VFX project management. The CG / VFX Industry Software offering all these extensive features can ease the entire process and help execute projects successfully. Vani is one such CG / VFX industry software that offers all these extensive benefits in hand.

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